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The business owner who needs to learn all the DIY tips and tricks when it comes to business and marketing. This is a platform for you to learn how to make your business look and run better with little to no money.

(then just $29.95/month!)
  • Structure for Creatives

    The DIY Legend consists of monthly resources, strategies and tactics that will allow you to unleash your creative side with structure.

  • Collaboration & Accountability

    Get access to other business owners, including Hollie, for support, collaboration and accountability.

  • Create Consistency

    Receive monthly templates that help create brand consistency across social media platforms.

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I had no online presence nor any experience in social media or marketing. (#NonTeckie) As a result of working with Hollie Kitchens, I have a tribe of commercial investors, a successful commercial real estate podcast that has brought me qualified commercial real estate buyers and sellers, and most importantly, I’ve been able to collaborate with other commercial brokers as a result of having media influence. Hollie’s the real deal!

Kat Raether
Kat Raether OKC Commercial

I am amazed at her professional yet humble attitude she carries always. I see in Hollie what everyone is looking for....hope, help, love, encouragement, excellent personal and professional ethics, smart savvy business woman who by example leads others into their better life, selves and businesses. I have followed her and watched her grow while encouraging ME! I love CLASS. This woman is amazing and I will continue to support and follow Hollie in every endeavor. I know she is someone I am proud to say "I KNOW".

Kenna Hawk
Kenna Hawk Kenna Hawk Live
(then just $29.95/month!)